Celebrating Summer – A Selection Of Our Best Summer Pics

by Matt Clymo

Here in Australia it’s the last day of Summer, and we here at Watch Advice thought, what better way to celebrate a great Summer than the share some of our best Summer watch pics. Warning: Sun and Surf feature in many of these!

Summer! The time to wind down, relax, and do the things that I love the most – heading to the beach, sitting at some nice cafe’s, and heading on holidays with the family. Oh, and taking copious amounts of watch pics along the way. I’ve selected some of my favourite pics from the summer that has just gone, ok, maybe a few from the start of the year as well, but hey, it’s all a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy!

Fun At The Beach

Blue watches always work well in and around water, and the Zenith Defy Skyline and Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph always take amazing shots when at the beach.

Zenith Defy Skyline under the waves
Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II Limited Edition
Skyline splashing around

Lazing About

Summer is great for doing not not a lot at all, and I’ve been known to spend a few hours of a summer afternoon just lying in the hammock, reading a book and taking an obligatory watch shot! The Tudor Black Bay GMT is handy for knowing what tie zone it is when time doesn’t matter 😉

It’s almost 5 O’clock somewhere right?

Surfs Up!

It’s no good going to the beach, or a tropical island for that fact and not jumping in the water. And with sports watches, and more so dive watches, that’s what they’re designed for, so jump in!

Ocean capture of the SuperOcean
Rolex Sea-Dweller in its elemen
Can’t beat the Fijian waters at sunset!
Got taken out by the wave to get this photo!

Coffees and Cafes

What better way to start a summer day than at the cafe, watching the world go by? Plus if you’re like me and can’t get going until you’ve had your morning caffeine hit, you understand!

SuperOcean Heritage on the leather, perfect for dressing it up a little at a fancy cafe!
Tudor GMT taking it easy in Palm Cove
Rare pic of the Seamaster out of water…

Rockpool Fun

If you have young kids you’ll know that they love rock pools when they’re at the beach. Plus for a “Watch Dad”, these make great backdrops for photos. The Rolex Sea-Dweller in its element here.

Rock ledges and Rolex
One of the best pics I’ve taken of the Zenith.
Sea-Dweller about to be swallowed up by a “giant” wave (or a small splash depending on your perspective!)


Waterfalls you ask? Why not?! Well, in my case, the first two is a waterfall by the pool at a resort in North Queensland, the third, torrential rain in Fiji. That counts right? Either way, it makes for great photos. Next time I’m out exploring real waterfalls, I’ll be sure to get pics…

One of my favourite summer watches – the SMP 300 Diver
Small moment before the kids came down to the pool
Monsoonal rain in Fiji – still water falling!

So, there you have some of my favourite summer pics, and as we say goodbye to summer, and hello Autumn, I’m looking back at these and the memories they’ve helped me create, and also, remind me of what I was doing at the time with the family, as I’m quite often snapping these in the brief moments between having fun or spending some quality “me” time. I hoped you enjoyed them, and I look forward to what the cooler months bring!

Summer Sunsets – see you next year Summer, you’ve been great!

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