Casio G-Shock GM-B2100 Series revealed

by Sameera Gamage

Casio’s G-Shock GA-2100 models have been quite popular since their initial release in 2019. Dubbed the “CasiOak” as it resembles the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak design, numerous colourful versions of the timepiece have been released over the years, accommodating various personal tastes. 

Watchadvice has covered a few variations of this watch, which you can find here. The CasiOak is a versatile timepiece exceptional for outdoor activities and sports. The CasiOak can certainly be used as a daily beater. Still, using a carbon fibre-reinforced resin case, rubber straps, and colourful appearance did limit its use outside of recreational activities and work wear, where luxury watches can’t be worn. 

Casio seems to have addressed this issue firsthand by releasing the latest CasioOak models. This new collection of three timepieces, the full metal GM-B2100 series, is Casio’s answer to stylish yet luxury watches for the G-shock. 

Modders outside of Casio have been serving up models like these for quite some time now. If one can spare the extra change, you can buy a full modded CasiOak with a metal case, bezel, and bracelet. Now, Casio has released this as an official model.

The three variants include a gleaming silver model (GM-B2100D), an all-black IP (GM-B2100BD) and lastly, a full rose gold IP (GM-B2100GD). 

Casio has given the bezel of the watch an attractive circular hairline finish, blending into a smoother mirror appearance on the case itself. The bracelet features a differentiated hairline and mirror finishes. 

To complement the watch’s exterior, each of the three models has a detailed surface finishing on the dial to give it a more metallic appearance. 

Even though these new models offer a new look from the original, they still come with the same rigid and heavy-duty construction CasiOak is known for. Casio has made new protection elements for these steel watches as well. Using buffering components made of fine resin and installing them between the stainless-steel bezel and case offers further protection to the module from shock. 

This new update to the CasiOak line is a welcome and refreshing change to the collection. While it was certainly great to see Casio releasing different original colours over time, these new models will serve the existing customer base and cater to a new crowd that wants a more luxurious finish. 

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