New Girard-Perregaux Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition (42mm and 38mm)

by Sameera Gamage

Girard-Perregaux has just unveiled the Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition, available in either 42mm or 38mm. This latest creation is the result of a collaboration between the two powerhouses that started back in 2021. Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin entered into a multi-year partnership agreement in which they have released numerous co-branded products so far, including limited edition timepieces.

The two companies individually have created stunning products that have stood the test of time. Not just for visual appeal, the mechanics of both the cars and watches have been fine-tuned to deliver performance for the highest level. This latest collaboration is exactly that. The latest Girard-Perregaux Laureato Aston Martin edition is created with a green ceramic case and bracelet, a first for the Laureato timepiece.

What’s so significant about the colour green that Girard-Perregaux decided to make this new Laureato with it from head to toe? We have to trace back all the way to 1900 to a race that took place in France, the Gordon Bennet Cup. For this race, cars would negotiate public roads between Paris and Lyon. At first, different colours were used on the cars based on the nationality of the driver. This would then soon change to that the colours represented the nationality of the racing team. This meant that Italian cars were red, French cars were blue, Belgian cars were yellow, German cars were white/silver, and British cars were green! This colour scheme has stayed intact to this date and is now being used by Aston Martin for their cars.

This latest version of the Laureato comes with an ultra-modern ceramic case (42mm and 38mm) and bracelet whilst retaining the iconic tonneau shape with the octagonal bezel. The use of ceramic material makes this case lightweight, thanks to zirconium oxide and metallic oxides within the material. Using metallic oxides is what gives the green hue we see on the case and bracelet. Zirconium oxide is made of an extremely fine powder, which is made of micro-beads. The zirconium oxide on the case and bracelet give it a homogenous appearance. The green ceramic components of the timepiece also provide incredible scratch resistance, as the ceramic material is up to seven times harder than steel. This will ensure that the new Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition will retain its showroom appeal and finish for many years to come!

The design of the watch takes elements that are found in Aston Martin cars. For example, the lightweight construction of the cars is translated to the skeletonised ‘baton’ type hour and minute hands, providing lightweight with functionality. The watch dial also has a cross-hatch pattern. This is inspired by the diamond-like pattern in the “AM” logo for Aston Martin during 1921-1926. More relevant today, however, is the cross-hatch pattern found in the quilted seats in Aston Martin’s high-performance vehicles.

In regards to the design of this latest Laureato, Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Girard-Perregaux, states, “From the outset, the design of the Laureato was distinctive, yet cohesive. Its styling encompassed geometric, clean-cut lines while exhibiting a slightly gentle character. Contrasting polished and satin-finished surfaces, an ergonomically integrated bracelet and, of course, as always, an in-house movement is the essential ingredients that have made the Laureato a remarkable success. The same ingredients are much in evidence with the new Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition, along with the addition of an interesting, highly contemporary material.”

Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin Lagonda shared a similar sentiment as he added that “Our goal was to conceive an advanced luxury product. Patrick and I spent a lot of time talking about the folklore of the Laureato and the design play between the shape and proportion of its iconic bezel. When he shared GP’s exploration into the optical properties of technical ceramics, micro-beads and microns, I became quite enchanted by this idea of the past becoming the future. We’re always exploring combinations of technology, colour, and materials in Aston Martin sports cars to enrich performance, functionality and owner enjoyment. Together we’ve fused these ideas and attributes to generate this cool new Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition”.

The engines behind the new Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition differ depending on the case size. The 42mm comes equipped with the brand’s Calibre GP01800 movement, which operates at a frequency of 4Hz (28,800VpH) and gives out a power reserve of 54 hours. The 38mm model is given the GP03300 Calibre movement, which also operates at 4Hz, however this time, only 46 hours of power reserve. Both timepieces come with open case backs to showcase the in-house self-winding movements. The movements come beautifully decorated with circular-grained features on the main plate, while other parts of the movement get bevelling, mirror-polishing, satin finish, snailing and sunray finishes.

The timeless design of the Laureato has attracted many watch aficionados, just like the iconic design of Aston Martin to car enthusiasts and collectors. Both go hand in hand when thinking of attributes such as elegance, quality and performance. Now, this is brought together in one masterful creation. With the Laureato now getting to wear Aston Martin’s iconic green, the new Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Limited Edition is sure to be loved by fans of both brands.

References: 42mm (81010-32-3081-1CX) & 38mm (81005-32-3080-1CX)


  • Case: 42mm & 38mm
  • Case Material: Ceramic green
  • Dial: Cross-hatch pattern green dial
  • Crystal: Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistance: 100 m
  • Movement: Automatic GP01800 & Automatic GP03300
  • Power reserve: 54 hours for 42mm and 46 hours for 38mm case size
  • Bracelet/Strap: Green ceramic

International Recommended Retail Price: 25,800 USD for 42mm and 25,000 USD for 38mm

Availability: TBA

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