New Film From Glashütte Original Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of The Saxon Manufactory

by Matt Clymo

Ever wanted to peak behind the curtain of a watch brand? This new three and a half minute film from Glashütte Original showcases the effort and precision that goes into the German brand’s timepieces.

“On The Trail Of The Original” is a short three and a half minute film produced by Glashütte Original to showcase the people and the passion behind the brand. From the very first vision of what the watch could be, right through to the manufacturing process to the final piece in place, we get a rare glimpse into what actually goes into producing a Glashütte Original piece.

A look behind what goes into making a Glashütte Original timepiece

Being watch lovers, we all know that a watch isn’t just a simple device for telling time. It’s the embodiment of lots of emotion and passion for a mechanical machine on our wrists. A big part of this, in my opinion is the craftsmanship that goes into the watch. From the perfectly assembled movement, to the hand finishing and decorating of the parts, to the design of the case and dial, it all comes together seamlessly in the finished product.

An artisan at work hand engraving a bridge

The film takes us through the six elements that Glashütte Original stand by: Beauty, from the first sketch to the tiniest decorative detail; Excellence, the relentless pursuit of perfection; Originality, in the form of authenticity and creativity; Tradition, nurtured and passed on to the next generation; and Modernity, too, which shapes the entire working environment; and finally, Exclusivity, which governs all else.

Together these values allow the Glashütte Original team to give their best, so that each and every watch bears the invisible signature of the people who played a role, large or small, in its making. They are the key to its originality

Putting the Swan Neck assembly and spring into the movement

Throughout the film, we stop along the way to visit product design and construction departments, the lab and toolmaking workshops and take a closer look at frame part production and final assembly. We admire the skills of the machine shop operators and dial makers, note the eagle-eyed alertness of quality management, and experience at first hand how a great variety of craft skills are engaged – from galvanization and hardening to spark erosion and gear-cutting, tin polishing and decorative finishing.

The turning department at work

The new manufactory film is part of Glashütte Original’s global “Proud to be the Original” campaign, launched early in 2022 and its aim is to highlight not only the watches, but the people behind the watches, as they are at the end of the day, what make the brand tick (yes, pun intended!) If you want to keep up with this and what the brand is doing, follow along on Instagram and with the hashtag #PTBTO (Pound To Be The Original). The film is best watched in full screen mode, so enjoy!

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